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American Seniors Association

Who is American Seniors?

We believe that you deserve choices when selecting who best represents your interests in Washington, D.C.; and we believe you deserve choices when selecting benefits that help you live a healthier and wealthier life.

That is why American Seniors Association is the fastest growing seniors advocacy in the nation. America’s seniors deserve respect, admiration and support for the contributions they made throughout their lives – building families and enhancing the quality of American life.

We also believe that our members are individuals. That is why our benefits are structured to allow you to make choices based on your individual needs. It is also how we approach representing you in Washington. We won’t support any policies that don’t give America’s seniors the ability to choose how they want to fund and live their lives.

Who are the conservative alternatives to AARP?

American Seniors is the conservative voice for seniors.  We opposed program cuts to Social Security and have consistently fought against attempts to cut Medicare and the popular Medicare Advantage program and we opposed the activities of other so-called “retirement” organizations to play politics with your benefits and your security.

American Seniors will never support a President or Congress that will cut your benefits.

If you believe in individual liberty, constitutional government and the importance of having choices in your life, then you are an “American Senior”. A one-year membership is only $15, and membership for your spouse is free.

American Seniors Association
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